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Through my blog, I intend to create simple and easy-to-understand content that will help you become a better marketer.

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Preena Karia

8 Years Of Experience: Digital Marketer & Brand Stylist.

Preena Karia is the Founder of DigiKaria who owns a Digital Marketing and Media Communications Agency – Designer’s Affair, Director of Dreamtree Experience – Corporate Events | Luxury Events | Wedding Planning and an Certified Image Consultant.

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Digital Marketing

DigiKaria - Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing: Get The Most Out Of Your Business

One of the most important assets is your Web Presence. To stand out among the competition businesses are using Digital Marketing to reach consumers.

Digital Marketing in India

Digital Marketing in India: India’s Digital Landscape

India is now at the edge of a massive revolution with brands looking to go beyond the urban market. Let us understand the road to Digital Marketing in India.

10 Best Digital Marketing Books: Beginner To Mastery

The Top Digital Marketing Books, written by some of the industry leaders, can help you develop a fundamental process & identify strategies that help gain success.

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